Pièces techniques automobile

Our brand of car parts is exclusively offered to the motor trade.

Technik’a, is a complete range of car parts and automotive equipment that covers :


The quality, safety, and availability of the parts are a prime concern for us so that we can offer our customers the best value for money.

Technik’a is a brand that is 100% exclusive to the car repair professionals.

Our automotive air freshener brand

Over a century’s worth of research and design have enabled Funel to create sophisticated, deodorising air fresheners to suit even the most demanding nose.

Funel’s selection of different product ranges has been created with the aim of providing the expertise of France’s designer perfume industry to enhance the atmosphere and comfort inside your car.

Funel offers a range of distribution methods for its air fresheners, all of which provide the following benefits: a long shelf-life and regular, safe diffusion of scent for relaxing, comfortable use.

Our rack and carrying systems brand

Green Valley extends the limits of your mobility by designing high-performance solutions to enable you to transport your kit.

Are you short of space for your luggage, bikes, or skis, or do you need to transport bulky items, whether regularly or occasionally? Our engineers and project managers invest their time and effort on a daily basis to develop practical, affordable and safe products to keep you and your personal effects mobile.

Our professional hand tools brand

The AmPro label offers a range of over 600 hand tool product lines, including a complete series of workshop trolleys. Ampro’s product range is built on five core values: innovation, comprehensive warranties, ease of use, safety & and competitive pricing.

Our network of experts in multi-brand automotive repair

Club Auto Conseil is a network of motor trade professionals who specialise in car servicing and repairs to enable them to move forward together while providing clear and transparent service. Their aim is to provide motorists with the best possible service at a competitive price.
Club Auto Conseil provides professional mechanics with day-to-day support as they grow their businesses: increasing their profiles, providing them with signage, and offering them an online presence as well as tools to build customer loyalty.